The perfect inspiration, Nature provides endless ideas to creative souls everywhere. Combining the best in design, functionality, and green performance, fluid faucets use metaphors of nature as gentle reminders for us to do our part to conserve the environment.

Smartly dressed and debonair, the Penguin Collection brings joy and style to any space. This lever faucet provides a streamlined silhouette, upright form and horizontal spout – similar to that of a penguin.

penguin faucet

Penguin faucet by fluid

Inspired by the natural arc of a rainbow – one of the most beautiful wonders of nature – Sublime reaches the highest levels of form and functionality. With a gently curved spout pointing toward the sky, Sublime is the ideal fixture for vessel sinks and architectural basins of various heights and shapes.

sublime rainbow faucet

Sublime faucet by fluid

The Toucan line is versatile and features all the elements of effective design. The faucet’s spout is shaped exactly like the keel-billed toucan itself, allowing it to prominently extend over the sink.

toucan faucet

Toucan faucet by fluid

All fluid faucets are WaterSense labeled and not only take inspiration from the environment, but also help to improve it.