Great design strikes us. It doesn’t matter if it’s the newest series by BMW or a striking art installation at The Broad, if it’s well-designed we like it. Recently we’ve found that more and more music products have been incorporating style and industrial design in a way like never before. Gone are the days when a guitar and drums was all you needed, and with that comes a variety of newer tools to help you craft whatever new sub-genre you’re creating today. Here are some stunning products that not only meet a level of excellence functionally, but also drastically exceed them by design.


Maschine by Native Instruments

If you’re going to be a successful act in 2015 you’re going to need great drums and even better production, and Maschine does both. Besides being a full professional music production tool, Maschine by Native Instruments is a visually flawless product. With its rectangular shape and tasteful layout, it manages to look incredibly sleek while also being easy to comprehend. Maschine packs a plethora of buttons and options into one portable box, which are almost all backlit, including many with multiple colors.


The Artiphon

While not yet commercially available, The Artiphon is unlike any instrument before, both aesthetically and musically. It is the only device that can seamlessly become a full-fledged keyboard, guitar, or violin at the click of a button. As you could imagine, it’s a difficult task to put all of this functionality into one machine that is both simplistic and playable. Well, this problem has been solved with the Artiphon which launches early next year. It certainly isn’t the smallest device, but the length allows for a more accurate playability.

blueBlu Musical Keyboard

Did you grow up playing with a toy keyboard or xylophone as a kid? This product will make sure that the next generation will be immersed in music from birth – trust us. Unfortunately only a prototype at the moment, the Blu musical keyboard is an incredible instrument for children that make both learning and playing music a fun experience. The keyboard works similar to a child’s building blocks toy, but allows for song creation. Kids are able to manipulate both notes and pitch, and with its colorful interface it’s bound to keep their attention.

All of these products are able to put a great visual aesthetic first without sacrificing their true purpose. These tremendous instruments seamlessly incorporate style with groundbreaking musicality, making sure that the next era of music will be just as innovative as ours.