Like all aspects of high tech companies in Silicon Valley, perks for employees in these offices are striving towards the future, making the prototypical office into some sort of adult playground that adheres to the motto, “Work hard, play hard.” In the quest to get the top software engineers and have the next leading app or program developed, these companies need to offer exciting fun activities and amenities at the office. Here are some of the luxurious perks that are beginning to become quite common in such offices, at least in the Silicon Valley area…


1. CXC Motion Pro II Simulators – We all like the idea of driving a race car, but few people ever get to live that thrilling experience. However, this new product offers the next best thing; it’s a racing simulation that features a real-life car seat and pedals, complete with three 55” high definition screens to create the ultimate racing feel. Developed by people in the racing community and owned by several professional drivers for training purposes, the simulator is perfect for organized office-wide races or busy employees looking to let off some steam.


2. Napping Pods – Working hard can get quite exhausting. Instead of calling it quits and heading home to relax, employees now jump inside futuristic-styled napping pods to give themselves a bit of shut-eye. Comfortable and able to shield users from the light, these pods allow for quick naps (or all-out sleep) so that workers can wake up refreshed and ready to get things done.


3. Health Spas – Massages, workout facilities, spa treatment; High tech startups have them all! Companies more and more are focusing on the well being of their employees and such internal spas make working a totally luxurious experience. Professional level steam rooms by ThermaSol also offer enhanced ways for employees to relax. We all want to be pampered, especially after a grueling programming session or meeting, and having these facilities on site make for ideal conditions in which to work. I suppose the only hard part would be cranking down back to business following a relaxing deep tissue massage.


4. The Dynasty Pool Table – Everyone likes a good hang with a fun game of pool, and no table is quite as awesome as this creation by Martin Bauer, featuring stylish design and a cool blue underglow. Helping tech programmers relax after a long day or simply take a short break with a game of pool, this item has grown quite popular in the offices of high profile tech companies and start-ups alike.


5. Climbing Walls – Forward-thinking companies like to practice what they preach.  While not in the tech space,  forward-thinking Cliff Bar has built a 40-ft. rock climbing wall within their office, allowing for workers to get exercise throughout the day while scaling the literal cliff. After a trip up the wall, employees come back down to Earth re-invigorated and ready to work. While rock climbing certainly isn’t for everyone, those at this company are thrilled to have such an extreme activity well within their grasp at the office.

These kinds of products are just one of the many reasons why Silicon Valley has become the premier destinations for software developers in the technology industry. With fun, creative atmospheres fully loaded with exciting products as these, employees will never want to leave their offices!