Most if not all of the editorial team members at Styleture are suckers for distinctly crafted decorative plumbing fixtures and bathroom accessories. Perhaps no other manufacturer gets us more excited than Brooklyn born and bred, Watermark Designs. Based in the independent design hub of Brooklyn and made in the USA, Watermark’s designs are a reflection of the creative melting pot from which they hail. As a true-manufacturer, their distinctive product quality is achieved using a combination of hands-on design and development combined with state-of-the-industry equipment. Their stellar collections have been featured in the world’s most exclusive residences and hotels, including Trump Park Avenue, New York, and The Eden Roc Hotel, Miami Beach, Florida. Best of all, many of their products offer water-conserving features.

To impart to those interested what Watermark Designs is all about, the company has put together a short documentary-style video that gives a glimpse into the inner workings of Watermark Designs. Most notably, it reveals the company’s dedication to hand craftsmanship by artisans and its awesome abilities to not only create traditional, transitional and contemporary designs, but also offer complete customization; a client can literally scratch something on piece of paper, then work with in house designers and engineers to make it a reality in very short matter of time.