Richly textured and crafted with a lush, luxurious eye, Watermark Designs’ insatiable flair for intricacy leaves one wondering if there truly is “an angel in the details.” No surface is too small to infuse with elegance, made evident by Watermark’s beautifully choreographed collections. Kissed with accents of architectural metallurgy, the Brooklyn-based manufacturer continues to share their distinct design perspective with the world. Here are three of their unique collections.

Combining elegance with flawless style, the Sense27 Collection is designed by world renowned designer, Clodagh. Known for blending leading-edge technology and innovative materials to create harmonious feng shui inspired environments, the Sense27 Collection is reflective of Clodagh’s vision. With clean shapes, accented with unique hammered accents, the sleek and modern look of the collection is truly timeless.

Luxury Faucet

Watermark Sense27

The Titanium Collection lives up to its bold name with streamlined, single-lever monoblock units that make a striking statement. The faucets feature hydro-progressive valves that control the temperature and volume with a single motion. The valve is available in a smooth or knurled-texture that not only enhances the grip but creates an original contrast to the polished surfaces of the base and spout.

Watermark Titanium

Watermark Titanium

Model CC51 of the Classic Contemporary Collection draws its inspirations from legendary architect, Philip Johnson. Capturing Johnson’s affinity for modern design with an iconic twist, CC51’s solid brass handles are first molded into acentric rings, then precisely cut and pressure-fitted back together, creating a subtly intricate and reflective design. The entire Classic Contemporary Collection captures the spirit of avant-garde design, featuring eleven lav-set handles, each inspired by a legendary architect.

Decorative Plumbing

Watermark CC51