Utility Sink

UrbanEdge Utility Sink by Julien

For most homeowners, the last room of the house to get any love and attention when it comes to design and functionality is the laundry room. Beyond a functioning washer and dryer, the design elements and amenities are usually about as bare-bones as you can get. But the fact is, the modernized laundry room, with well-designed appliances and fixtures, is increasingly becoming a feature of the modern home. Aside from being easier and more pleasurable to use, well-designed laundry rooms can also increase the total value of the home.

Incorporating top of the line, high-efficiency washers and dryers by reputable name manufacturers like Kenmore and LG are obvious appliance choices to bring modernism and good functionality to the laundry room. But what about incorporating updated fixtures like the laundry sink and the faucet, which are typically some of the most outdated and least-replaced items in the home? And how about laying down some quality tiles in a room that often has unfinished concrete floors, or worse, cheap peel-n-press linoleum? These are definitely important aspects of a well-designed laundry room and there are a couple of manufacturers whose products can facilitate the desired, modernized effect:

Utility Sink
The Pedestal UrbanEdge® utility sink by Julien is a stylish, stainless steel workhorse that is corrosion resistant and features highly efficient sound deadening pads. With a practical flat sink bottom, straight bowl sides and a convenient 5” high backsplash, the Pedestal UrbanEdge makes for a functional and striking addition to the modern laundry room.


laundry faucet

The Steam Valve Original faucet, in three-hole, deck mount configuration with pull of spray, made by JACLO, features a push/pull spray head that diverts from stream to spray. Silicon nozzles and a plastic coated stainless steel hose make it easy to clean. Compliant with both California and Vermont’s lead requirements, this faucet is not only versatile, but safe as well.


laundry tile
The VTW Series City Collection Tiles from Hastings are solid colored tiles that offer a simple, clean and cosmopolitan look. Strong, durable and highly suitable for areas of heavy-duty traffic, color options like brown, grey, beige and black make this collection an ideal choice to match most any décor in the laundry room.

Once an afterthought, the laundry room is now one that commands attention in the modern home. Utilizing products like the ones above, a laundry room can display a sense of thoughtful functionality and design, and bring great value to homeowners.