Apple Designer Hartmut Esslinger

Hartmut Esslinger

The iBath anyone? Here is a bathroom that both Mac and PC fans can throw their support behind. It’s the mylife bathroom collection from LAUFEN, the well-known Swiss manufacturer of modern bathroom culture. For the design of this collection LAUFEN sought out the services of renowned industrial designer and inventor Hartmut Esslinger. Esslinger and his firm, frog design, are best known for their work in developing the design for the Apple Macintosh™ computer.

Esslinger’s innovative computer designs for Apple in its early days deserve much of the credit for transforming the company into a global brand and setting a design standard that the entire computer industry would seek to emulate. Esslinger and his team have sought to bring that same level of revolutionary product design to the bathroom with the mylife series.

Hints of the Apple design aesthetic can be seen throughout the entire bathroom collection. Mylife is cleverly simplistic with its contrasting angular and round design elements. The collection features rectangular washbasins, symmetrical bathtubs and slim, straight back toilets; giving it an unobtrusive and appealing minimalistic aesthetic. With the mylife series, LAUFEN and Esslinger have combined to create a clean and slim bathroom design that any Apple fanboy could appreciate.

Take a look at some photos of the bathroom collection.

Apple Designer Toilet

mylife Freestanding WC Combination and Bidet

Apple Designer Bathroom

LAUFEN mylife Bathroom Collection

Apple Designer Washbasin

LAUFEN mylife washbasin

Hartmut Esslinger Bathroom

LAUFEN mylife by Hartmut Esslinger