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Sultans of Style: Robert Brunner

In Styleture’s “Sultan’s of Style” series, we profile game-changing artists who have pioneered their way into the history books of design. Robert Brunner, born in 1948 in the U.S., is an accomplished industrial designer who has produced groundbreaking works for high-profile clients. When he’s not hanging out with Lady Gaga or Dr. Dre, Brunner is off in hi[...]

Former Apple Designer Turns to Bathrooms

The iBath anyone? Here is a bathroom that both Mac and PC fans can throw their support behind. It’s the mylife bathroom collection from LAUFEN, the well-known Swiss manufacturer of modern bathroom culture. For the design of this collection LAUFEN sought out the services of renowned industrial designer and inventor Hartmut Esslinger. Esslinger and his firm,[...]