Nearly 130 years after Edison’s invention of the light bulb, we are still trying to perfect the way in which we deliver light. We’d like to share with you a few lighting brands that are doing interesting work in both the design of their fixtures and the innovative lighting technologies being used.

Corbett Lighting
Corbett Lighting is known for their creative use of hand-forged iron and hand-applied finishes. They use the finest glassware, shades and natural material.

Vertigo by Corbett is truly mesmerizing just to look at, with an assortment of circular hand-crafted iron rings in various sizes fused together. It is available as a two, three or four light pendant, one light mini-pendant, and one light sconce in either a bronze/gold leaf finish with caramel ice diffuser or a modern silver finish with citrine ice diffuser; this dizzying design creates a perfect mixture of motion and balance.

Vertigo Light Fixture

Vertigo by Corbett Lighting

Hudson Valley Lighting
With impeccable attention to detail and a full range of finishes and glass selections, Hudson Valley Lighting products can be found in the finest homes and upscale hotels and restaurants. The Sterling Collection is an elegant re-invention of the classic candelabra chandeliers and wall sconces. Its graceful chrome arms extend outwards, floating elegantly around the crystal.

Sterling Chandelier

Sterling by Hudson Valley Lighting

CSL (Creative Systems Lighting)
CSL is an innovator of concealed lighting fixtures for homes and commercial use. They design and create high quality LED products that are highly functional and energy efficient. CSL products are able to enhance the dramatic or inconspicuous effects required by architects and lighting specialists.

The Eco-Downlight LED Adjustable Lamp allows you to choose a green lifestyle by offering an efficient fixture with strong accents. The lamp allows for light to be focused or positioned perfectly throughout any setting to create just the right mood or highlight.

Recessed Lighting Fixture

Eco-downlight LED Adjustable Lamp by CSL

Troy Lighting
Troy Lighting is an excellent choice for homeowners and designers looking to add a rustic yet fashionable fixture to any room or wall.

Troy’s Lumiere collection brings together basic geometric designs and illuminates everything in a gold hue to concoct a feeling of fascination and rustic elegance. It features caramel frit glass shades, hand-worked wrought iron metalwork and a Florentine gold finish.

Rustic Lighting Fixture

Lumiere by Troy Lighting