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What to see at Dwell on Design

If you are a reader of Dwell Magazine, the Dwell on Design design show will be a treat. Imagine if it was possible to see, touch, try out, and experience those products that pop out from every page. Say goodbye to those moments of “Ah. I wish…”, and welcome a chance to live your design envy. The show begins June 24th, and runs three days at the Los Angel[...]

Designer Spotlight: Sou Fujimoto

If you are attending Dwell on Design in Los Angeles from June 24-26, then you are in for a treat. Rising star in architecture and design Sou Fujimoto will serve as the keynote speaker on opening night. We couldn’t be more excited, which is why we’re presenting a list of some of his most esteemed designs. Fujimoto’s “Final Wooden House” gives new m[...]

Designing for an Experience

Your surroundings are a given, right? According to Elizabeth Danze, FAIA, and Stephen Sonnenberg, M.D, two professors at the University of Texas at Austin, “Buildings are inert objects, but our experience of them transcends the physical realm and extends into our deepest consciousness.” When put in that context, you might just re-think the implicit effect[...]