If you are a reader of Dwell Magazine, the Dwell on Design design show will be a treat. Imagine if it was possible to see, touch, try out, and experience those products that pop out from every page. Say goodbye to those moments of “Ah. I wish…”, and welcome a chance to live your design envy. The show begins June 24th, and runs three days at the Los Angeles Convention Center. As per usual, we have to toss in our two cents for what we think is a must visit at this highly anticipated show.

Dwell on Design-Signature Series


First stop, Ronbow. Yes, we’ve written about this brand a couple of times this year already, but let’s face it – we love their products and especially this new Signature Series line that has received so much attention. Basically, the Signature Series is defined by 11 collections designed by 9 different prestigious designers, who hail from 6 different European countries. That might be an earful, but let me put it in terms of translation: the Signature Series has been designed by the best of the best, one collection at a time. Check them out at Booth #1353

Dwell on Design-featured




Yes, this company might not first appear to be the glitz and glamour of the show. But, be sure that customized lettering/numbering on the front of your home will be the secret ingredient to a good (and stylish) first impression to your humble abode. Stop by Modern House Numbers booth #1246!




Germans are known for their sharp pragmatism and attention to detail. Add in brilliant creativity, and the consequence will be sure to impress. Designer Magnus Mewes had the idea to take disused barrique wine barrels from his wife’s vineyard, and create handmade furniture from them. In realizing the project, he created a line of furniture defined by exquisite craftsmanship. His work can be found at booth #930




At the heart of the mural is passion, emotion, and diverse expression of individual personality. Area Environments turns your home into a unique-to-you living space by converting contemporary art and mural work into residential or commercial wallpaper. The company employs a group of artists from around the world, each offering an unparalleled aesthetic. Check out their work at booth #1008.