With Pantone’s declaration of Emerald Green as the color of 2013, one can’t help but feel invigorated by the year ahead. Verdant, full of vitality, vivid and vivacious, Emerald Green has already made a definitive impact on the red carpet and runway. From that “gown” in the film Atonement to Angelina Jolie’s oversized emerald earrings at the Oscars, the color has proven to be every bit alluring and versatile. We’d like to think that these emerald-themed products for the home will not only provide timeless grandeur to interiors, but in the process, might even make others “green” with envy.

Hudson Falls by Hudson Valley Lighting

Drawing cues from classically-inspired turn of the century lighting is Hudson Falls from Hudson Valley Lighting. This canopy-style pendant is defined by its deceptively familiar design, the ceiling fitting and top base are characterized with fine detailing. Hudson Falls is offered as a one- or three-light sconce, canopy and hanging pendant lamp and is available in a variety of finishes: black/polished nickel, distressed bronze, aged brass with green and polished nickel.

Sully by THG

Ornate and noteworthy aptly describe the jewel-encrusted bath tap Sully by renowned atelier THG-Paris. Regarded for outfitting five star hotels, royal palaces and opulent residences around the globe, THG’s Sully is every bit as luxurious with intricate detailing and jewel-like construction. Created by Jean-Claude Delépine, designer for coveted, luxury jewelry brands, Sully is available in six shades and is shown here in Malachite. A full suite of coordinating products and accessories can be paired with this magnificent tap.

Fizz by Troy Lighting

Fizz is a trichotomy of modishness, playfulness and elegance. With a hardback shade, polished chrome stem finish and frosted white acrylic glassware available in various sizes and colors, each variation of the Fizz has a unique style of its own.

Lightweights by Sonneman – A Way of Light

Lightweights—Flowing forms result from the strength and stretched material of sheer Spandex slipped around metal rings. The translucence of the lightweight material permits the radiance of the white-lighted interior shades to pass through the bright colors and sensual shapes of the sculptural Lightweights. Available in nine blissful upbeat shades, Lightweights are offered as floor lamps, hanging, drum and flared pendants, as well as sconces.

Vola by Hastings Tile and Bath

It’s not just a faucet; it’s a piece of design history. Possibly the most imitated faucet design on the market today, the Vola faucet remains ahead of the pack. Whether choosing the single lever, deck-mounted, wall-mounted or electronic “hands free” models, users can almost feel Arne Jacobsen’s spirit nodding in agreement. Vola faucets are available in chrome, brushed chrome and stainless steel finishes. Available in up to 17 different colors.

Natural Vessel Sink by Stone Forest

One of the most unique pieces in the Stone Forest collection is the Natural Vessel sink with faucet mount. Each is hand carved from a single granite boulder that has weathered millions of years. The individual character of the rock lends each a sculptural quality and the finished product is a unique piece of art, unlike any other. Available in black and green granite, each Natural Vessel sink will vary in shape, size and color.