Let’s be honest; when we think of kitchen ventilation hoods, the first thing that comes to mind is certainly not a game-changing designer like Robert Brunner. After all, this is the dude who back in the day, dreamed up the design and direction for Apple’s Powerbook. Since then, he’s gone on to form Ammunition Design Group – a powerhouse design firm based out of San Francisco. When Brunner’s not hanging out at the Grammys with Lady Gaga and Dr. Dre, he’s collaborating on design projects with them: he whipped up the HeartBeats by Lady Gaga headphones as part of the Beats by Dr. Dre line, also his.

Now, Brunner has brought his name and talent to Zephyr, an innovator of design-forward ventilation hoods. The Zephyr – ARC Collection by Brunner is nothing short of pure geometry, bringing a sleek, minimalist aesthetic to a product that was once considered a utility, not to mention an afterthought. He’s utilized classic materials like glass, steel and wood, and created a series of range hoods that are as much about clean air as they are about clean lines. Here are a few of Styleture’s favorites from Brunner’s ARC Collection:


Zephyr Horizon Vent Hood by Robert Brunner

Zephyr Horizon by Robert Brunner

The editorial team at Styleture couldn’t help but notice that the Horizon has a striking similarity to the latest iMac®. Certainly, Brunner has taken the sensibility he once brought to Apple and infused this range hood with a similarly striking style. Horizon enters a low-profile freefall just inches from the kitchen wall, then challenges its audience with a sweeping, thirty degree upward lift. Compelling in red, black, white glass or stainless steel, the glass surface may be etched in one of two patterns: a leaf motif on white glass, or flower on black glass. A removable front panel for easy cleaning and service access, and a duo of halogens, completes this beauty.


Zephyr Layers Vent Hood by Robert Brunner

Zephyr Layers by Robert Brunner

Re-imagining classic design is a specialty of Robert Brunner’s, and with Layers he has re-imagined the classic, wall-mount, range hood form. Slim in profile, it boasts a unique floating effect enhanced by the light from a duo of halogens. Layers’ clean lines and streamlined fusion of stainless steel with black or white glass lend new meaning to “leading edge.” Also available as an island hood.


Zephyr Tilt Range Hood by Robert Brunner

Zephyr Tilt by Robert Brunner

Not to sound too pretentious, but we kind of think the Tilt wall-mounted range hood is like a contemporary sculpture for the kitchen. A sextet of subtly angled panels “tilt” off the wall to form a hinged canopy. Tilt comes clad in all-stainless steel or stainless steel underscored with a sleek, black powder coat. An upwardly mobile panel lifts for easy cleaning and service access, and dual halogen lamps provide the perfect accent.


Poplar Range Hood by Robert Brunner

Zephyr Duo by Robert Brunner

This is a range hood that utilizes wood – if that’s not a cool and unique element, we don’t know what is. The Duo island range hood marries natural wood with sleek stainless steel; yet another way Robert Brunner pushes the boundaries of design. Plus the options for matching the Duo range hood, topped with poplar wood and available in charcoal or wenge finish, with your kitchen’s cabinetry are endless. A pair of halogen lights work in unison to underscore the eye-catching cantilevered design.

RF Remote Control

RF Range Hood Remote Control

Zephyr RF Remote Control

A remote control for a range hood? This must be kitchen heaven. Never has a countertop been so well complemented than with this ingenious gem of a remote. With the ability to command the power and light of ARC Collection range hoods from up to fifteen feet away, Zephyr ensures the best possible experience and proves that they bring more to the range hood than ever thought possible.

There’s no doubt that picking up a design-forward range hood, like one from Zephyr – ARC Collection, is a great way to up the level of style and take your kitchen to the next level. Here’s to Brunner for rocking the range hood and taking its design and innovation to new heights.