It’s a fact: the master bath is yours to do with whatever you want. You can outfit it in gaudy faucets, cheap peel-and-press linoleum tiles, and even put up wallpaper with images of clowns on unicycles. But with your guest bathroom, it’s an entirely different story. You have the responsibility of honoring your overnight guest, presumably whom you respect, who has been invited into your home. You want the guest bathroom to be at the least, hospitable, and at the most, a luxurious experience that will let your guest know how much you care. Don’t make the same mistakes that other hosts have made – use this Do’s & Don’ts list as a jumpstart for properly outfitting the guest bathroom and you will be well on your way to being awarded with the “Best Guest Bathroom of the Year” honor – if there is such a thing.

DO install a sink with good design and functionality. LAUFEN’s MyLife Washbasin Bowl offers angular contours and unique character without taking up valuable space. Its striking features convey a sense of beauty and harmony that is unsurpassed.

Luxury sink

LAUFEN MyLife Washbasin

DON’T cause your guests to suffer with cheap towels that fail to absorb water and leave lint balls on anything they come into contact with. A few Egyptian cotton towels, like the ones many luxury hotels use, in varying sizes will help pamper and comfort your guest.

DO provide a modern and sturdy toilet. Caroma’s Sydney Smart™ 305 Elongated toilet offers contemporary design coupled with advanced performance. With a two button, dual flush system, it boasts a fully concealed trapway and is virtually unblockable.

dual flush toilet

Caroma Sydney Smart 305 Elongated toilet

DON’T make your guests feel uncomfortable by not providing a concealed space for personal – and potentially embarrassing – items. Make sure there is some cabinet space with a closing door.

DO install a proper showerhead, preferably with a range of adjustments to suit individual users. JACLO’s multi-function, Frescia Nebulizer showerhead offers four distinct spray patterns including a refreshing Nebulizing Mist®. It comes in a number of unique finishes including antique copper and oil-rubbed bronze. Available with a green “low flow” regulator, it also provides you the homeowner JACLO’s promise of “conservation without compromise.”

Lowflow Showerhead

JACLO Frescia Nebulizer Showerhead

DON’T leave your guests wanting for toiletries and hygiene products. Place a plethora of items like mouthwash, shaving gel and new toothbrushes in an easily identifiable medicine cabinet or basket. Guests don’t want to ask for – or go snooping for – such items.

DO place a single fresh flower in a vase, somewhere out of the way, on the bathroom counter. This not only looks beautiful, but it also brings an instantly fresh feeling to the room and adds a pleasant aroma to the air.