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According to the Pacific Institute for Studies in Development, Environment and Security in Oakland, California, the United States ranks sixth in the world for per capita water withdrawals. Europeans use significantly less water per person for domestic purposes than do Americans. On average the Germans and French, for instance, use 55 to 60 gallons daily. This is about 40 percent less water than Americans use per day. This dramatic difference can be attributed to a number of factors including higher prices of water and more efficient distribution systems (i.e. fewer leaks), as well as the widespread use of water-saving fixtures.The use of low-flow fixtures makes a big dent in water consumption. For instance, low-flow showerheads use up to 70% less water than standard showerheads, and low-flow toilets save the average U.S. household about 25 gallons of water per day, or more than 9,000 gallons per year (according to Mother Earth News). Not only does this allow consumers to save big on their water bills, but it also allows them to conserve more water. Prior to 1994, most toilets used at least 3.5 gallons per flush, which is 20 gallons of water per person per day – and the most water used by any household appliance! As water conservation becomes more popular, manufacturers have pushed themselves to the limit engineering the next new product that will conserve the greatest amount of water possible.

Decorative plumbing products manufacturer JACLO has introduced a low-flow regulator that can be used for all of their showerheads and handshowers. The low-flow regulator significantly lowers the gpm to 1.75 or 1.5 without sacrificing performance or comfort. Flow regulators, as opposed to restrictors ensure optimum performance and maintain consistent flow independent of water supply pressure. As an active member of WaterSense, JACLO rates water conservation as one of their top priorities in product development.WaterSense is a partnership program sponsored by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to make it easy for Americans to save water while protecting the environment.

Swiss bathroom brand Laufen has also been busy introducing new designer collections that promote water conservation. They recently announced that nine of their toilets are now WaterSense certified. These toilets, many of which are from their designer collections, illustrate that high-end luxury can now be eco-friendly too. Laufen has nine WaterSense labeled toilets in both floor and wall mounted applications. Laufen toilets meet requirements of the EBP WaterSense Tank-Type High-Efficiency Toilet Specification with an average of below 1.28 GPF.

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