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Patchwork & More: Squint Limited

Squint Limited is the creation of Lisa Whatmough, a talented designer with a strong passion for textiles and a decidedly British design sensibility. A company that produces richly decorative home wares, all made in the UK, which are a fusion of fashion and the decorative arts, Squint first caught the eye of the Styleture editorial team with its stunning and [...]

Cool Couches: Plunk Down On One of Styleture’s Picks

With the exception of the clothes you wear, nothing is more telling of your style than the couch in your home. A couch usually takes center stage in a room and is the first piece of décor people notice when they enter. They’re checking out its shape, color, fabric and pattern, and they’re also judging if it’s something they would like to plunk down on. So wi[...]