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Pre-Fabulous: Domespace Prefabricated Homes by Solaleya

Counting among its numerous advantages that it is made of sustainable materials, can withstand typhoons, can potentially survive an 8.0 earthquake better than your average single-family home – and looks significantly cooler – the Domespace prefabricated home is an old idea that is ideal for today’s forward-thinking and environmentally-friendly mindset. Fi[...]

PLACE HO-- USES – Residential Kits and Prefab Home Services

The Seattle-based PLACE HO-- USES is an architectural group that sells private residential kits or prefab homes in four sizes. Their homes are smart, affordable and green and the entire process typically takes less than a year. If you are looking for a McMansion then forget about PLACE HO-- USES as the sizes come in Tiny with a 935 sq ft living space + 218 [...]