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Interview with Lingerie Designer Chantal Thomass - Boudoir in the Bath

When acclaimed French lingerie designer Chantal Thomass moved her artistry from the boudoir to the bathroom, the results were decidedly “Ooh la la.” Infusing her penchant for sensual textures, feminine details and lush materials into stunning designs for the bath, Thomass seamlessly transitioned from brassiere to basin. The new line, Poemes, brought to life [...]

Passion Collection with Bernardaud Porcelain

In a stunning throwback to a time when classics were born and elegance reigned, THG presents the Passion Collection with Bernardaud Porcelain. Touched with a whisper of old Hollywood glamour and a splash of fresh, flowing angles, Passion evokes an age when grand gestures meant the world, and love was the stuff of legends. Romantic and graceful, Passion combi[...]