Mies van der Rohe - Pioneer of Modern Architecture

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe is regarded as one of the leading pioneers of Modern Architecture. He lived between 1886-1969  and during that time his designs encompassed urban and corporate buildings around the world, as well as private residences, educational institutions and even chairs that are extremely popular and still considered designer pieces of furnit[...]

Smarin Design- Livingstones Pebble Pillows

Stephanie Marin of Smarin Designs has created the perfect furniture and decor for those looking to bring something that looks like it belongs outside, into the home. These pieces were designed from oversized pebbles, with the collection's sizes ranging in everything from pillows, cushions, pouffes, to mattresses. As one of the most interesting and creative [...]

Beautiful Stone Outdoor Benches

An indispensable element for enjoying the garden on a particularly splendid day, the garden bench has been given an extra dose of style. Now in an array of different designs and intriguing natural materials like basalt, travertine and even sustainable hardwood – a good bench can transform any area from drab to fab. Here are a few benches from boutique d[...]