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Haute Uses of Fire

Fire is a hot topic these days – especially when it comes to design. But the real question is: should you go for faux or the real thing? And with artists like Ann Wood creating custom hearth paintings starting at $1,500, which are incredibly realistic and also very cool, it comes down to personal preference. With Woods you can customize the color of the fl[...]

Top Architectural Destinations of 2009

Many tourists use their summer and winter vacations to travel around the world to view some of the most spectacular, newest and most interesting buildings built by man. Here we are highlighting a few of our own suggestions of architectural destinations for you to consider in the coming months due to their newness, restoration completion and limited engagemen[...]

Featured Design - Sonia SX3

Sonia's New SX3 Design Bringing style, simplicity and minimalism to today’s most exclusive bathrooms, Sonia has announced the introduction of SX3. SX3 is their most recent fireclay sink line to date, handcrafted at Sonia’s all-inclusive European headquarters in Valencia, Spain. Sonia is a leader in fine fireclay products for the bath. The SX3 collection is [...]