There is nothing more difficult than ending your vacation and being forced to get back into your day to day routine. This is due in large part to the amenities that you quickly become accustomed to in the hotel, spa, or resort that you’ve been staying in. Here are some items that you probably looked at wide-eyed in your hotel, but that you should consider bringing into your own home. While traveling is certainly one of life’s greatest pleasures, the feeling of being well accommodated doesn’t have to disappear the moment you enter your home.

Whether you notice it or not, hotels boast convenience at every corner. Not only are they visually pleasing, but nearly every accessory in your room serves a functional use. GINGER provides the accessories that consumers can find in world class hotels for private home use – after all, they actually are installed in many hospitality projects across the country. GINGER seems to include a bathroom accessory for every need and maybe even some that aren’t necessary but extraordinarily useful.


While it may appear strange at first glance, most luxury hotels feature a plethora of hooks to utilize throughout their rooms. You quickly recognize the value of these hooks while attempting to store your various shirts, robes, jackets, towels and other garments. While nearly any hook will do the trick, GINGER offers the Cayden Valet Hook which can comfortably hold five garments on hangers. These are particularly useful because they flip down and out of the way when not in use. The hooks can do wonders for your dressing area, but can also make great additions to your laundry room, allowing for more efficient storage and organization of your clothes.


Grab bars can often carry an industrial feel, but GINGER steers clear of that by always keeping a decorative lens in mind. The grab bar is a must-have as a means of ensuring the safety of you and your family by providing excellent support when moving around the bathroom. They are great in showers and along bathtubs too. With a variety of finishes to choose from including polished chrome and brass, these grab bars can help spice up nearly any bathroom. Because these products have been designed with both decoration and functionality in mind, you will surely notice the difference it’ll make in your home.


Simple tricks such as installing a shelf as opposed to a towel bar help lend your home the relaxing, resort-like environment that you’ve been striving for. GINGER’s Chelsea Hotel Shelf is an excellent example of a shelf that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. With room to both hang and lay folded (or rolled) towels, the Chelsea Hotel Shelf recalls the open design of first-class hotel rooms. Rather than cluttering your space with more cabinets, these shelves help free up space in your bathroom, creating an open and welcoming environment. These modest additions can make the difference between being comfortable in your own home and counting down the days until your next vacation.