Have you heard green is the new black? From organic foods to fuel-efficiency, the eco-friendly lifestyle is in and here to stay. Are you ready to make the switch, but don’t know where to start? Here are some simple household tips to set you on the path to sustainable living.

When it comes to your laundry, make the swap from hot to cold. Washing your clothes in hot water uses 85 to 90 percent of the washing machine’s energy toward heating the water alone. Wash in cold water to save yourself money while getting the added bonus of protecting your clothes from shrinking and color fading.

Another way to save on the water bill is to upgrade your old bathroom fixtures to Watersense-labeled ones. Caroma’s Flow showerhead can save up to 10 gallons more water than your standard model during a ten-minute shower. Caroma also offers a variety of high efficiency toilets and bathroom sinks for even more water efficiency.

Caroma Flow Showerhead

To save on your electricity bill, replace all your light bulbs with energy-saving CFL light bulbs. Not only will a CFL light bulb last almost 10 times longer than your average incandescent, but it can save you around $40-$50 dollars over the course of its use.

Another electrical option is to go LED. Creative Systems Lighting offers a variety of energy efficient lighting, including its Eco-Downlight LED Mini. This Energy Star compliant light uses just 14 rather than 50 Watts to brighten up your home.

Eco Downlight Mini by CSL

Lastly, stop Dracula in his power sucking tracks by unplugging all the “Vampire Power” electronics you’re not currently using– including computers, TVs, DVD players, etc. Using a power strip, such as the ones offered by Bits Limited’s Smart Strip, that can detect, monitor and automatically turn these vampires on and off can save the average household up to $190 dollar a year.

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