The 1st Annual Stylies Awards
Styleture Brings You the Best-of-the-Best

Styleture is the single most important window through which the world is introduced to leading-edge interior and architectural design products. Since our launch a mere year-and-a-half ago, our editorial team – consisting of design-savvy influencers and preeminent tastemakers – has rapidly risen to the top of a crowded field of so-called “design-expert” sites. With all of the success, not to mention credibility, that we have accumulated, it is only fitting that we utilize our influence and expertise to officially select and present to you the best-of-the-best designs we came across over the last year.

So without further adieu, from Los Angeles, California, we bring you the winners of The 1st Annual Stylies Awards:

The “Stylies Seven”

Platinum Award

Trapeze by Zephyr

There are island range hoods, and then there is Trapeze. “Floating” in midair utilizing a delicate suspension structure, the striking, stainless steel Trapeze by designer Fu-Tung Cheng makes a bold statement within the kitchen ecosystem. A graceful, slow-curve canopy displaying impeccable symmetry, and directional halogen lighting for optimal functionality, makes Trapeze a truly unsurpassed range hood.

Gold Award

Vesta Fire Table by Stone Forest

Stone Forest’s Fire Vessels incorporate natural materials into delightfully functional sculptures. The Vesta Fire Table’s granite top and stainless steel base provide a safe, sturdy and eye-catching vehicle for producing warming outdoor flames. Vesta Fire Table includes the blue/gray granite slab with contrasting polished top and chiseled sides, and the stainless steel base. Includes match lit trough burner kit.

Silver Award

Tuna Washbasin by Laufen

Laufen’s new Tuna washbasin, borrowing from the graceful curves of its namesake, is an imaginative and timeless piece that holds just the right touch of femininity and eccentricity. Ample and convenient, offering a marriage of soft and fluid lines and a warm grey or clean white finish, the Tuna is a modern and impressive ceramic piece. The Tuna washbasin is available with or without a tap hole, allowing a faucet to be positioned on an adjacent wall.

Mercury Award

Temp-Touch and Signature Series Controls by Thermasol

The square design and sleek, black faceplate of the Temp-Touch and Signature Series Controls makes them perfect for integrating into the modern bath environment. These controls serve as mini command centers, enabling the user to not only control, but maximize their steam experience. With all metal construction and PVD plating technology, the Temp-Touch and Signature Series Controls put the user firmly in the driver’s seat.

Osmium Award

Vixen by Corbett Lighting

Hello dah-ling. Dripping with crystal, the new Vixen Chandelier does nothing short of living up to its name. A polished nickel jewelry chain cascades into an illuminated centerpiece of crystal beads.

Tungsten Award

Haley by Watermark

The Haley faucet boldly brings confident femininity to the contemporary bath environment. All metal dual-levers with sleek inserts, including powder coat black, provide the fixture with a stark, clean appearance. Available in 37 finishes, including polished chrome, satin nickel and pewter.

Uranium Award

Sonia Duna by Hastings

Sensuous in look and feel, the Duna vanity has an exclusive ‘onda’ texture, which is both sinuous and relaxing to the touch. The name Duna is a nod to the organic look and feel of the collection; it’s softer while still maintaining its contemporary edge. Available in three finishes: white, wenge and vision, Duna includes a polished stainless steel handle that runs the length of the vanity, providing a striking visual as well as ease of opening. Three cabinet sizes: 24, 31 and 39 inches make Duna the perfect choice for contemporary bathrooms.