For many of us, our kitchen is actually the real living room. Sure we might utilize it to cook hot meals for our loved ones, but it’s also a primary gathering place to eat, socialize, work, hang out or even watch TV. It’s much more intimate than the actual living room – which is generally far bigger – and it’s the place in the house where family members discuss “life” apart from the commotion. As the true center of family activity, the kitchen is a place that evokes feelings of togetherness, warmth and love. In fact, some call the kitchen the heart of the home. Being the most utilized and highly-trafficked area of the house, it’s also the room where fixtures like sinks and faucets get the most use and take the most abuse, making their good design, functionality and durability mandatory features. There are a number of high-end manufacturers that can bring all of those elements to your kitchen, making the most beloved room in the house the most user-friendly – and visually appealing – room in the house.

Copper Sink

Stone Forest Copper Farmhouse Sink

Starting with the sink, look no further than Stone Forest, a designer and manufacturer who creates unique, custom, high-end sinks sculpted from natural materials including stone, bronze, bamboo, copper, iron and hardwoods for the kitchen and bathroom. Their heavy 16 gauge Copper Farmhouse Sink is an ideal choice for a kitchen build or remodeling job and makes for a visually striking and durable addition to the modern kitchen looking for a rustic design element. In addition to being treated with a “living” finish, it is also 99.14% pure copper, and lead free.

Country Kitchen Faucet

GRAFF Canterbury Kitchen Faucet

Moving on to faucets, a cutting edge designer and manufacturer like GRAFF is an ideal choice. Creating innovative faucets in a variety of finishes including polished chrome, steelnox, olive bronze and neo brass, they have something to suit even those with the most discerning tastes. Their country-traditional Canterbury faucet collection, available with both cross and lever handles, offers an elegant, old-world design made with modern precision.

Pot Filler

JACLO Pot Filler

For a little something extra, install a JACLO or SVO pot filler – it can make life in the kitchen a lot easier. These highly useful fixtures aren’t just for restaurants anymore. With a pot filler strategically installed above or next to the cook top, the home chef can simply fill their pot of water right in place or draw water without leaving the cooking zone. And JACLO, a manufacturer of a variety of different faucets, has the perfect deck or wall mounted pot filler to provide your kitchen with a unique and highly useful accessory. SVO crafts their pot fillers from stainless steel. With both companies, a choice of cross handles, lever handles, round or regency handles allows you to have the exact functionality and style you want.

The technology and design of a kitchen, as well as its functionality, are ultimately going to determine how relevant and useful the room is to family members. Think of the individual components of a kitchen – the sink, faucet, etc… – as part of a good soup or stew; the components must work together to create something whole and wonderful.

When building or remodeling your kitchen, utilize top-notch manufacturers like the ones mentioned above and you will have a beautiful, highly functional, dynamic and long-lasting kitchen that will serve your family to the fullest.