Red Cabinets

Red DesignRed can be a very difficult color to get right. Use it too much and its depth and saturation can be annoying, use it too little and it looks out of place. However, red is an exciting color to use in your interior design color palette because it leaves a lasting impression and definitely garners attention. The trick is using the right shade in the right spot. Below are a few red products that are sure to brighten your mood and add a touch of confidence to your very own home design endeavor. A row of Ferrari red high-gloss kitchen cabinets, a matte, modern red bathroom vanity or a simple red chandelier are all ways to showcase red in style.

ALNOTEC PRO by ALNO® : Red is said to make food taste better, and it is a well known fact that most fast food companies use this color for their logo and branding to draw in more business. Therefore, why not try it out in the kitchen with ALNOTEC PRO: A classic combination of high gloss surfaces with high quality laminate coating, finished perfectly by a narrow, real aluminum frame.

Lighting by Studio Italia Design: Studio Italia Design is the leading designer and producer of decorative lighting fixtures for the high-end architectural and designer markets. Based in Venice, Italy, the company is renowned for their unique manufacturing process which features hand-blown glass by Murano artisans with the inclusion of custom metal. Shown: The Surf Pendant in red.

Lumiere Quadrato by JACLO® : Bring the high-fashion style of a decorative lamp into the shower. The Lumiere Quadrato features a red-and-white striped semi-transparent cover. The showerhead is constructed of stainless steel.

The Versatile Vanity by Sonia® : The Versatile Collection from Sonia makes red smoking hot in the bathroom. Offering numerous mix and match options, the modular furniture collection can be created by pairing a frame, with a console and counter