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The Christopher Kennedy Compound

There is no formula for resurrecting a design trend. In 1984, Cara Greenberg published the book “Mid Century Modern: Furniture of the 1950s,” which now represents the symbolic return of an aesthetic that had practically died out more than a decade earlier. Now, February of 2016 marks the seventh annual Modernism Week event celebrated in Palm Springs, Califor[...]

Mix It Up: The Ultra-Modern Hoerboard Scomber Mix DJ Stand

Admit it – you’ve entertained dreams of telling your boss at your day job to go fly a kite, just so you can jet off to Ibiza and DJ the summer club circuit. It’s ok, we all have. Perhaps that dream was never more appealing than now, considering that the ultra-modern Hoerboard Scomber Mix DJ Stand is just a few thousand bucks ($2,330 once fully custo[...]