Steam + Sauna + Spa

Urban Bathroom Suite - Metropolis by THG

What is black and white and sterling and transparent all over? This is not a joke. This is Metropolis, a stunning collection from THG featuring Cristal de Lalique. Form, shape, and texture are Metropolis’ first notes of intrigue, starting with the ultimate in unique structure – the Urban Bathtub. The ultra-modern Urban Bathtub features a unique transparent [...]

New Contemporary Collection of Bath Products by MGS

Faucets in solid stainless steel with simple silhouettes make for a contemporary spa retreat. In contemporary design, less is more. This is the philosophy leading faucet and fixture manufacturer MGS had in mind when designing their new Minimal Beauty Collection. Featuring simple shapes and slim silhouettes, all crafted from true solid stainless steel, thi[...]

Green Designs With Style!

We see more and more green designs these days, despite the fact that sustainability is not necessarily a new trend in Architecture and Interior Design. This has produced even more amazing designs that are completely sustainable and LEED Certified, much like the Founding Farmers restaurant we wrote about last week. Here are just a few of our favorites that we[...]