Man Caves are Heating Up This Winter

Over the past few years Man Caves have been becoming more and more popular. If you don't know already, Man Caves are places designed for the married man or family man as a place to have their space, decor and design. A Man Cave can be found in an addition, basement or even in a garage and have a number of styles whether it be the simple garage with a mini ba[...]

Green Designs With Style!

We see more and more green designs these days, despite the fact that sustainability is not necessarily a new trend in Architecture and Interior Design. This has produced even more amazing designs that are completely sustainable and LEED Certified, much like the Founding Farmers restaurant we wrote about last week. Here are just a few of our favorites that we[...]

Haute Uses of Fire

Fire is a hot topic these days – especially when it comes to design. But the real question is: should you go for faux or the real thing? And with artists like Ann Wood creating custom hearth paintings starting at $1,500, which are incredibly realistic and also very cool, it comes down to personal preference. With Woods you can customize the color of the fl[...]