Rub a dub dub, forget the tub— When it comes to upgrading your bathroom, we say “Hit the showers!” One of the most important features in your bathroom, the shower is the place you go to unwind after a stressful day or energize yourself for the new one ahead. When it comes to customization, there’s no reason why your shower can’t be just as unique as you are. Here are some of our favorite designs guaranteed to make your shower truly one of a kind.

When it comes to designing the dream shower, the shower drain is certainly one of the most overlooked features. A utilitarian necessity that only seems to get attention when its clogged, few see it as a canvas for inspiration. But remember, great design is in the tiniest details. The Brooklyn-based company Watermark Designs manufactures artistic shower grid drains sure to set your shower apart. Held in place by rare earth magnets to avoid visible screws, Watermark offers 6 dazzling hand-detailed designs and 37 different finishes. The bubbly grid featured here in solid brass is one of our favorites.

In a similarly wide array, Watermark also offers a variety of grab bars perfect for adding stylish and practical accessories to your bathroom or upgrading your space for aging with grace. Whether your look is traditional, transitional or contemporary, you’re sure to find something that works for you.

You’ve found your dream accessories, but what about the shower itself? Tile is a fantastic choice for any shower’s walls but to really stand apart from the crowd, consider a brick effect. Devon&Devon offers a collection of wall tiles (shown here in the musk finish), modeled after the traditional English “brick” effect. Much better than run of the mill squares, this brick tile will infuse your shower with subtle sophistication.

Even with beautiful walls and accessories, your shower will still fail to shine through without the most important feature of all… the showerhead! Your showerhead should be more than just a spout—it’s the focal point of the entire shower. For the ultimate shower showstopper, Graff’s Ametis is a must. The sleek, modern beauty of Ametis is matched only by its impressive features. A rain head, body sprays, a dock for an optional hand shower and an integrated chromatherapy lighting system are just some of the innovative features that round out this bathing beauty.

Last but not least, if you want to make your shower a true relaxation destination, consider transforming it into a steam shower. ThermaSol’s Steamshower Systems can turn your ordinary shower into a steam room in the privacy of your own home. This effect can easily enhance your relaxation and well-being and bring a whole new meaning to “a day at the spa.”

Are there any products we missed? Shower us with your favorite designs in the comment section below.