Oh by golly, the holidays are almost here! As the weather gets colder and the remaining shopping days grow shorter, it’s time for making your list and checking it twice. But there’s no need to stress when it comes to your annual office gift exchange. Your Secret Santa doesn’t have to be dime store relics and white elephant trinkets. Step up your Yankee swap with these stylish presents sure to please even the most particular office mate (that includes Jim from Accounting).

Pure Talavera Tiles

Handmade by artisans using centuries-old techniques, Pure Talavera tiles are the classiest coasters this side of HR. These intricate hand-painted designs are made from local clays and fired twice for extra durability. Because Native Trails donates 100% of the proceeds to charity, you can feel extra good while protecting your desk from the artic chill of your iced coffee.

PATCH Watches

Made from tear-resistant biodegradable paper, PATCH watches are perfect for the eco-conscious cubicle-dweller. These Italian wristwatches are available in a variety of colors and patterns so stylish you can finally unglue your eyes from the dusty wall clock (whose hands seem to be moving backwards).

ThermaSol Aromatherapy Essential Oils

When stressful deadlines take a toll, take a deep healing breath. ThermaSol’s aromatherapy essential oils are artisan-distilled and completely organic. Besides providing a breath of fresh air, they’re a great gift for the mystery coworker whose microwaved leftovers leave an unfortunate effluvium every lunch break (we’ll blame the new guy).

St. Jude® Ceramic Owls

When your paperwork is soaring sky high, these Ceramic Owls brighten up even the dreariest desk. Made from glazed ceramic, these owls come in in 6 flying colors and small or large sizes. For each owl sold, $5 goes to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital®, so it’s a wise way to give a hoot!

Memoring USB Flash Drive

Ring in the New Year in style! With the Memoring USB Flash Drive, there’s no need to sacrifice style for techno-savvy living. A practical and fashionable gift, you’ll always have your files on hand (literally) in addition to being the talk of Casual Friday.

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