Sommerhaus Piu

When it comes to pre-fabricated eco-houses, the Sommerhaus Piu by German architects Patrick Frey and Götte Björn is unparalled in design. Envisioned as a vacation house, but usable for other purposes including as a work studio, Sommerhaus Piu offers the ultimate in streamlined, elegant living.

Crafted from sustainable woods for a modern, naturalistic feel, Sommerhaus Piu is designed to offer its inhabitants both a luxurious indoor feel and outdoor relaxation and recreation facilities. The home should ideally be erected on or near a natural, open site for maximum benefit. The façade features a simple, wooden strip style with a slightly sloping roof made from charcoal planks. Sections of the roof are perforated to provide a system of natural ventilation. An abundance of natural light pours into the house through clerestory windows, however the roof’s overhang provides protection from overexposure. Large sliding glass doors blur the boundary between home and nature, creating an environment of beautiful scenery; however, the bedroom of the home is closed off for total privacy. Additionally, a wide open terrace, painted dark to define the edge of the house, and covered veranda allow for alfresco dining and other outdoor activities.


Sommerhaus Piu by Patrick Frey and Götte Björn

Ultimately, the eco-friendly design of Sommerhaus Piu provides a pleasurable and comfortable green environment for its inhabitants, as well as a lower costing option for a summer home. It is the ideal home for those who want to have a getaway in the summer where they can relax indoors while having the option to enjoy the outdoors as well. Furthermore, the Sommerhaus Piu has been designed so that it is livable during all seasons.