At Styleture, our editorial team always stays attuned to the latest in interior design trends. We’re never too proud to benefit from the wisdom of other design bloggers – especially a blogger like Boston-based Linda Merrill (, who also happens to be a designer. For Fall 2011, she’s been generous enough to share with us her favorite trends and product picks for the upcoming season, including eclectic mixes, vintage looks and soothing styles for the spa:

Mix and Match

“From high-low pricing, to mixed finishes and styles, antiques and vintage mixed with modern forms – true eclecticism is taking hold in the design world,” said Merrill. It’s partly a response to the economy and partly environmental. “We’re all reusing and refurbishing what we have, stretching the budget, splurging on some items, saving on others, keeping things out of landfills,” she adds.

Hastings Tile & Bath's GDO Raised Panel Ceramic Tile

Mix and match Hastings Tile & Bath's GDO Raised Panel Ceramic Tile

Hudson Valley Lighting's® Chatham

With Hudson Valley Lighting's® Chatham

The Old-World Lived In Look

“The ‘old-world’ Belgian design style that has been in for a couple of years is still going strong,” said Merrill. “It features weathered gray oaks, the natural patina of age and use, the weighty feeling of good construction, and it’s ready to last generations. Nothing is overly fussy or precious.”

GRAFF®’s Bali faucet in Oil Rubbed Bronze

GRAFF®’s Bali faucet in Oil Rubbed Bronze

Spa Bath

Our lives are so stressful that more people are looking to relax at home and feel like they’re off at a high-end spa. Merrill tells her clients, “Calming colors, simple lines and ease of use are the key ingredients. Calgon, take me away!”

The Stone Forest® Papillon Bathtub

Stone Forest's® Papillon Bathtub

It’s looking like it’s going to be another great season for interior design this Fall and we thank Linda Merril for her insights, which are always welcome on the pages of Styleture.