By Laura Zanskey

With the Royal wedding ever approaching. There has been much buzz in the media about pretty much every single detail about the couple – from the fact that Prince William won’t be wearing a wedding ring, to Kate Middleton’s diet that prepared her for the wedding – it’s all been said.

One interesting thing about the couple’s new life together is definitely their design plans for their new home. When you think “Prince and Princess,” you think of castles and very classical, traditional, and old-fashioned designs, and everything else that comes with the thought of the royalty living quarters that you have learned from movies and art over the years. That is not what these two are aiming for at all.

“I don’t know what we’re exactly doing yet in terms of design but they want it to be causal and contemporary. It won’t be classical or old-fashioned at all,” said Kenneth Bordewick, the Beverly Hills designer that the royal couple has hired. Bordewick is one of the many people helping the two move into their home (moving boxes will not be one of the things on the royal couple’s to-do list).

contemporary design by kenneth borderwick

Contemporary design by Kenneth Borderwick

Kenneth has worked with the likes of Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey, and Paul McCartney, and when he heard that the two were to be married this April the 29th, he called Prince Charles (who he had played polo with for many years) and told him he would love to do the job. He has met much of the royal family, including Princess Diana before she passed, but has yet to meet Kate at which he said, “I’ve not met Kate yet but she promises to be a sweet young lady.”

Much of the focus of the farm house – which is around 4,000 square feet and is nestled in the picturesque Welsh countryside – will be centered on Kate and her lifestyle.

royal design by kenneth borderwick

Royal design by Kenneth Borderwick

Since she loves to cook, a lot of time will be spent on the kitchen, and getting it fit and prepared for American-style big appliances. The bedroom will also be a primary focus as it was noted by Bordewick saying, “The master suite is going to be lovely for Kate. I like to make a woman’s boudoir her sanctuary. It needs to be feminine, young and sexy.”

Kate and the Prince plan to have children and begin on a family soon after they are married and have a family. Their house which, is surrounded by farm land, will prove to be an excellent place to raise a family, and its surroundings will ensure that it will be sealed from the outside world and the ever-buzzing paparazzi. This will give them the privacy they need to grow with their family in their dream house – something that all people of the world dream of doing in their life.