There’s a good chance your home doesn’t have a mud room, as many do not. But if you live in a damp or snowy climate, or simply have a family that is active outdoors, there’s a good chance you could benefit from one. So what exactly is a mud room? Pretty much what it sounds like – an enclosed halfway point between the yard and the main rooms of the house, usually by the front door or the back door, designed for use, abuse and plenty of mud – so that none ends up getting tracked into the house.

A typical mud room might sport a large closet for sportswear and sporting goods, a coat rack, a shoe rack, comfortable seating to put on and pull off shoes and boots, and plenty of additional storage for things like purses, book bags, keys and cell phones. In colder climates, more space is needed due to the bulk of many items. Mud rooms are also great for families with dogs, as they can serve as a staging area to leash them and clean them off after a run through the yard.

It would be ideal that a mud room also possess a sink, for the obvious reason of washing mud and other sediment off of hands, shoes, clothing, etc… If space permits, such rooms are also the perfect place to house the washer and dryer so wet and dirty clothes can be washed on the spot instead of tracked through the house. Like any room of the house, there is a lot of room for style, creativity and appropriateness of décor in a mud room. A mud room at the front of the house may be more formal for the sake of guests, while one at the back of the house might be more informal and simply for family use. If you desire a mud room for your home, the good news is that it usually will only require an add-on to the house, rather than any major structural changes.

When it comes to designing your mud room, functionality and heavy-duty durability are important considerations. Here are a few ideas for products that will give your mud room the functionality and durability it needs, while maintaining appealing design standards:

Stone Forest’s Stainless Vessel sink is not only super-strong, resistant to corrosion and hygienic, but it’s also contemporary, sleek and compact. It’s an ideal choice for a heavily trafficked mud room where space saving features are paramount.

Stainless Sink

Stone Forest Stainless Vessel Sink

JACLO’s Deck Mount Bridge Mixer faucet is a modern, attractive and efficient dual-lever faucet available with a pull-off spray for ease of use. With a modular design and four handle options, this beauty was designed with functionality in mind.

Mixer Faucet

JACLO Deck Mount Bridge Mixer Faucet

Hastings‘ TUCO Series Distressed Metal-Look tiles capture the raw beauty of the effect of time on metal. Contemporary, yet rustic, they are available in 12″×24″ and 24″×24″ in three colors, and 13″×13″ mosaic.

Metal Look Tile

Hastings Tile & Bath TUCO Series Distressed Metal-Look Tile

We all know that getting dirt on things is one of those filthy and inevitable facts of life. Build a mud room for your family and you will be in control of where the dirt goes – whether it’s your spouse’s, child’s, dog’s, or your very own.