A kitchen cabinet collection that lowers the carbon footprint, while delivering high style and cutting-edge technology.

ALNO® has introduced a new kitchen cabinet collection that brings new meaning to the word class. The revolutionary ALNOCLASS boasts modern technology, minimalist details and eco-friendly materials. The door fronts are constructed of 100 percent sustainable oak from FSC-certified forests. The collection is available in light wild oak and dark brown carbon oak, and its matte lacquer finish is free of VOCs. Those looking to spice it up a bit can add a mobile niche unit. ALNO’s mobile, multifunctional niche units keep all of the most important kitchen utensils within arm’s reach. The best part is that the glass cover, which is used to conceal the components when not in use, can be outfitted with one’s choice of colored LED light fittings.

ALNO’s GREEN MISSION: For over 20 years, ALNO has been using non-toxic paints and lacquers, free from heavy metals and low in emissions. ALNO products are manufactured using recycled and regenerated wood from certified resources as well as the continued use of non-toxic laminates, aluminum, glass and technical veneers. ALNO only uses lumber, veneers and wood panels from sustainable forests. The factory also adheres to a “Zero Waste” resource management system, whereby all waste is either reconstituted into new materials or used as fuel to heat the factory.  www.alnousa.com

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